Redwood Creek

Our Continuum of Care

Willow Glen Care Center has several locations throughout Northern California designed to serve multiple levels of care and behavioral health programming for adults and the elderly mentally ill.   In addition to providing transitional, short and long term levels of residential care, the Yuba City location is located adjacent to acute psychiatric inpatient services.  Willow Glen Care Center and it’s associated programs are designed to coordinate care with county mental health agencies to facilitate referrals, care and treatment, discharge planning and placement.

Redwood Creek Facility Description

Redwood Creek is a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly in Willits, California. The facility is licensed by the Community Care Licensing Division of the California Department of Social Services. The Center specializes in serving voluntary and conserved adults with severe and persistent mental health conditions.

Program Summary

The purpose of the Redwood Creek program is to provide program resources, interventions and support necessary to assist the client toward stabilization, recovery and to successfully function in the least restrictive environment possible. The program promotes the development of independent living skills necessary to thrive in the client’s home community and is designed to meet the needs of both the long-term client and those who are progressing to a lower level of care. The program will offer long-term clients a safe, secure, and comfortable environment while continuing to encourage independence and self-awareness. Clients progressing towards a less restrictive setting are provided with program interventions which emphasize advanced independent living skills.  Clients will be reviewed monthly or more often as needed by the interdisciplinary team with a recommendation for transition to a lower level of care when indicated.

The Redwood Creek program offers a variety of activities and groups that are designed to strengthen clients’ mental, physical and emotional health. It is expected that clients become involved in their personal journey towards recovery. Clients are encouraged to be proactive and learn about their personal mental health issues, including medication management, self-advocacy and interpersonal skill development. The program strives to enhance the client’s sense of overall well-being by reducing self-stigmatization and actively working on improving self-acceptance, autonomy, and empowerment skills. Emphasis is placed on the overall wellness of clients and a wide selection of recreational and community reentry activities are offered within the local community. Included are community reentry activities such as daily walks, picnics, library outings and outings designed to promote independent skills such as shopping and use of public transportation. A seasonal special event calendar is available to all clients, which includes dances, talent shows, art exhibits and outings to amusements parks, the beach, museums and camping.

Clients will be discharged from this facility when they have successfully completed their recovery plan and meet a lower level of care criteria or when the client needs a higher level of medical or psychiatric care. It is expected that all clients moving to a lower level of care would be returned to the county of origin for placement.

Program Components

Crisis Prevention / Wellness & Recovery / Client Advocacy / Community Reintergration / Therapeutic Community / Planned Activities / Daily Living Skills / Program Management.

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House Manager: Dorothy Carmichael, Ph.D