Alpine House

Our Continuum of Care

Willow Glen Care Center has several locations throughout Northern California designed to serve multiple levels of care and behavioral health programming for adults and the elderly mentally ill.   In addition to providing transitional, short and long term levels of residential care, the Yuba City location is located adjacent to acute psychiatric inpatient services.  Willow Glen Care Center and it’s associated programs are designed to coordinate care with county mental health agencies to facilitate referrals, care and treatment, discharge planning and placement.

Program Overview

Alpine House is a 6-bed Adult Residential Program that provides consumers requiring residential and mental health services a community based alternative to institutional placements.  The primary goal is to assist the consumer to develop the skills necessary to transition from a supervised 24-hour level of care to independent living within the consumer’s home county.  Alpine House staff works in collaboration with County Mental Health, Case Managers, the Public Guardian, and the individual consumer to develop a comprehensive plan for community re-integration from out-of-county higher levers of care.

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250 Main Street Weaverville, CA 960093

Phone - 530-623-1200

Fax - 530-623-1230

House Manager: Laura Sanders