Referral Information


Director of Access

Adam Ortner, LPT

T: (530) 751-9903

F: (530) 751- 9962



Connie Drago, RN

T: 530-751-9972

F: (530) 751- 9962


Admission Criteria

Willow Glen Care Center is intended for individuals who have an identifiable mental health condition or crisis, requiring temporary or long-term placement outside of their home.  Willow Glen accepts “voluntary” and “conserved” elderly and adult clients who are referred from County Mental Health Agencies or community mental health providers who meet the admission criteria established for the program.


✓Resident must have a qualified mental health diagnosis.

✓For WGCC - Resident must be 60 years or older or have a filed exception for age.

✓For RWCC - Resident must be 18 - 59 years old or have a filed exception for age.

✓Resident must be admitted voluntarily or by a legal guardian / conservator and consent to treatment.  

✓Resident must have an emergent or long term related mental health need that cannot be treated at a lower level of care.  

✓Resident must be free from alcohol or drug use for a least the past 24 hours prior to entering the Willow Glen System of Care.  

✓Resident must be referred from County Mental Health, the Public Guardian (with an LPS Conservatorship) or have the approval from the Willow Glen Care Center Medical Director.


✓Resident must not be actively dangerous to self or others.

✓Resident must not have a need for a higher level of acute psychiatric care.

✓Resident must not have an active case of communicable tuberculosis.

✓Resident must not have a condition that renders them bedridden.

✓Resident must not have a primary diagnosis of drug or alcohol problems.